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Six Hours in Bed

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Stories from The Beautiful Impossible...

The place was dark and damp. Red lights. Packed with people.

He's on the 2nd day of this 5-day trip. Tonight was nothing special. The barstool was squeaky, and he knows that if he stayed a little longer, it might give any time soon. But what the hell. The beer was cheap. If he falls down, it can be a story to tell his friends.

Trying to down his last beer, something happened...

A strong, and sweet fragrant breeze went past behind him. Following the smell, he saw the soul where it came from. It was a tall, smiling angel, with long black and shiny hair, and naughty eyes that could stab hearts.

She gave him a coy smile as she passed by. He nearly melted. Then she pointed at the seat next to him. As if asking if it was taken. Her raised, questioning eyebrow almost killed him.

At this moment... he looked at his almost empty glass. As if making a very important life decision. He then looked up, looked at the angel, and raised his glass. She gave him the same smile and nodded. Liquid courage won.

It was an encounter that might have required subtitles. But both of them managed and there was a lot of laughter.

As the bartender called for the last drinks of the night, the angel asked him a question that he thought he would never get in his entire life. Language barrier withstanding. He actually wanted to ask the question himself.

He was fumbling for his key card as they got to to the hall of this cheap hotel. She was giggling a lot. As they went in, they both went silent. Their faces were next to each other.

The next part probably felt like a montage from the movies. With momentary slow flashes of dimly lit moving frames of parting lips and hands gliding on anatomical landscapes. It may have seemed that things happened too quickly, but they both know it was longer. It was magical.

He got up early and watched the angel sleep... She had a small smile on her face and eyes. And she sounded like she was lightly humming little hymns of joy. There was a mild tropical drizzle outside. He looked at the window and wished the daylight didn't have to come up...

They both agreed to meet up again the next evening. The same thing happened, only there was more familiarity and everything was more intense. After everything, they lied next to each other. Legs crossed, her head on his chest. They are both quiet and both were probably wondering how to make a conversation. But at this moment, they both seemed content. Maybe this time they were both wishing that the daylight won't come up.

He asked if he can see her again. She nodded.

That evening, he sat at the same place where they met. The hours have passed and she did not show up. He has been trying to reach her through the number she gave him but she was not answering. He stayed until the bar closed. But he ended up walking back to his hotel alone. It was a long and lonely night.

He got ready for his flight the next day. He made many attempts at trying to reach her, but she never answered.

He got a window seat on the plane. The clouds were beautiful outside. He wishes he didn't take this flight. Listen to the full Album:


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