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My Graphic Design Survival Kit

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Here are some simple tips and tricks I use when creating graphic work. (This is assuming you already know how to operate an editing software at least.)

Columns, Gutters, and Margins

A graphic work can contain a lot of information. And sometimes it can get mildly confusing as to how to organize the information needed to be presented. Building a grid will help you organize your thoughts. Columns will help you organize your elements. Gutters can add more harmony to your design. Margins, can contain and bring uniformity to your design. It's not exactly a rule. It's just something I personally obsess with.

Add Contrast and Depth

Contrast adds focal points and visual balance in your work. It also gives your work some dimension. Making your 2D space feel like a living world that you can dive in. This applies to visual elements and colors. To put it simply, you don't want everything to look like a bunch of lined up blocks or, you don't want it to look totally red, but rather make it feel slightly reddish.


Textures adds a lot to your design. It will make your work look or feel more real. Although it is a subtle addition, it is very eye-catching and it creates a visual illusion that stimulates an emotional response.

Without texture.

With Texture.

Golden ratios This one you will hear or see a lot from design tutorials. But I'll try to explain it as best as I can. First here's a photo of a spiral:

No matter how big or small the spiral is, your natural instinct will always draw you in to find the center. Just think, center, important. Tail, not as much, but still part of the whole. Basically, anything in the center or near the center is a mass that you cannot look away from. Now here is how I use this idea on a design.

Design your elements in a way where there is a concentrated focal point. Everything outside of the focal point is not as important but still a part of it. Then organize your design elements in the same way.

I hope I was able to explain this clearly.

I hope these simple tricks will be able to help you out. Let me know in the comments below what are your go-to tools when designing Graphic art! Another Day, Slackerman


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