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The Making of Snakecharmer

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

The Song, The Rapper, The Cartoon!


Listen to Snakecharmer on Spotify!

Tone Deaf Jeff on a lam

So, 2020 rolled, we all know how that went. I was depressed. Everyone was. I was out of a job, not seeing anything concrete in the future. But I kept myself busy making music. And mostly just studying online. After releasing my two albums, I felt like I needed to do more than the music I made. Initially my plan for Slackerman was to make multi-media projects to go along with it. I wanted to make animation for a whole album, but I realised how daunting and ambitious that task is for one man to do.

Some time, in 2020, Jeff also disappeared from the Discord. He was also struggling from some personal issues. But I pressed on while he was away... and slowly slogged my way through to complete some artwork. This is where I saw the true value of the save button.

At some point, early 2021, we were able to connect again. In my research phase, I realised and noticed that Anime is kind of like the "in" thing nowadays. The thing is, even if I wanted to do anime, I cannot do it alone. I have to think practical. I mean I can draw, but GAWD, I can barely complete a face. After watching a lot of animation. I came up with the most practical solution to my problem...

"...there was even a time during the 1970's, where they controlled almost 80% of children's programming..."

Hanna-Barbera Cartoons were notorious for recycled frames.

But then again I thought...

"No one has done it, the art style is stylish, recycled frames are funny!"

When people zig, you zag.

So, I rolled with that and went to work!

Snakecharmer Story board

Some fine, ultra-rough story boarding skillz on display here...

Snakecharmer Opening Scene

Snakecharmer Peyote Scene Storyboard

I already have an idea in my head of how the visuals will look like. Plus I was too lazy to detail these things...

Snakecharmer Peyote Scene

Snakecharmer Animation Breakdowns

Snakecharmer Animation Breakdowns

I made all of these digitally as I didn't want to go through the process of hand drawing them and connecting a scanner and retracing them on Illustrator. Plus, who am I kidding? All of these are already out there if you look hard enough online...

Snakecharmer Animation Process

Don't hate. Tracing is a legit creative process...

Slackerman and Tone Deaf Jeff Driving

Snakecharmer Animation Breakdowns
A painful, yet very rewarding process...

This is quite possibly, one of the most painful things to make... took me at least two weeks to complete. I had to give myself frequent breaks in between, but I also learned a lot from listening to a lot of podcasts while doing it.

Basically the idea was, as long as I can make enough moving frames that can progress and tell the story, and make them look dynamic enough, I think I am good... so I animated like there was no tomorrow. Cut sections of the scenes and sequences based on TDJ's lyrics. I also did them in sprints. I had 2 and 3 day sprints, once I get tired, I would take a break until I shake off the dread of going through them again. More process results below...

Slackerman and Tone Deaf Jeff Chat

Because we are hilarious!

Jellystone Park Reference

Snakecharmer Animation Breakdowns

Snakecharmer Animation Breakdowns

Snakecharmer Animation Backgrounds

Snakecharmer Animation Breakdowns

Snakecharmer Character Plates

Snakecharmer Character Plates

Snakecharmer Character Plates

Just wanted to give a little shout out to my IMF Fam!

Snakecharmer Animation Breakdowns

Some more frames from the video itself...

Snakecharmer Animated Music Video

Tone Deaf Jeff


Tone Deaf Jeff and Slackerman

Tone Deaf Jeff and Slackerman

TDJ's pupils are dilated from the Peyote. Wild night.

Tone Deaf Jeff Sketch

Tone Deaf Jeff and Slackerman Sketch

Snakecharmer Promo Art

This promo art was made by a very good friend of mine. Check out his Instagram! Ryo Furball loves taking photos of toys! I did the coloring.

What happened next? A burned hard drive and a swanky, and snazzy music video. Unfortunately nearing the end of the process, my hard drive burned out. I can still access some of the raw files, but there were some that was also damaged. For the ones I can access, I have to be careful not to save them, otherwise they will be written to a bad sector of the drive. And so... Did it shot me and TDJ to stardom? HELL NO! Did we get a record deal? HELL NAAAWWWSSS! But was it worth it? HELLS TO THE YEEEAAAHSSS!!! It was a fun project with a ton of challenges and it was really damn exhausting. But I was able to complete my goal of making my own animated music video. How long did it take me to complete these? By my estimation, combining all the hours, maybe a little around 4 months. There were a lot of frequent breaks in between. There were times when it was physically and mentally taxing that I have to question my sanity. Will there be another one? Of course! When? That I don't know... But there are some things on the pipeline that I need to wrap up definitely. One more thing... I am currently busy working for an advertising agency. And TDJ also got his certification, and is probably busy as well. But of course... this is not the end for our virtual adventures.

Slackerman and Tone Deaf Jeff Chat

We will definitely make more. But until then, make sure to stay tooned for... Another Day, Slackerman

Watch the music video in it's entirety here:

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I write these kind blog posts just so I can share what I have learned throughout my creative journey. I hope you find them informative, inspiring and useful.


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