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An Original Music Collaboration with The Wasabis

I'm thrilled to announce an original music collaboration with The Wasabis, cherished friends of mine for years. Among them, The Dex holds a special place, as our friendship dates back to what feels like forever. We have been co-workers at a McDonald's, roomies, bandmates, and more importantly, best friends. We go way back and we've been through a lot. Over the years, The Dex has always been very supportive of my creative pursuits. We have been collaborating on a lot of creative projects. More importantly, we have always dreamed of making or playing original music together.

Joining us is Bhabie Whabie, Dex's incredibly talented wife, who not only charms with her skills but this lady also showcases remarkable prowess on the guitar—perhaps even surpassing my own. Although she is not shown playing the guitar here, she has more merit as a guitar player than I am. 😄

Please check the videos below recording our jam sessions:

Together, they're an absolute delight to be around! 😄 For the past few weeks, we've been immersed in jam sessions, crafting something truly special. Now, we're excited to share our progress with you. Our ultimate goal? Taking these songs to live audiences and, with luck, establishing a band around this lovely set of songs I have written with Daphne Cerez and Flora Lin.

We sincerely hope you'll relish this musical journey with us. Stay tuned for more! Another Day, Slackerman Listen to "In My Dreams Tonight" EP on Spotify:

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