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The Making of Snakecharmer

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

The Song, The Rapper, The Cartoon!


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Tone Deaf Jeff in Captivity

I came up with Slackerman. And it re-ignited my song-writing and song-producing "career." (*snicker...) I met a lot of wonderful folks online. And one of them was this really cool dude...

He is not from Hogwarts though.

One funny story is... Before e-meeting him, I was browsing Reddit's r/IndieMusicFeedback thread, found him there and commented on one of his videos...

Check the comments, I kid you not...

I have to admit, I became an instant fan. I like fun, funny and goofy stuff. Months later after finding him, we were both hanging out in the Indie Music Feedback Discord, and we immediately hit it off. I listened to his album: "Apocalypse Radio," and really saw the potential of collaborating with this dude.

An album for the end times...

I struggled to write an instrumental for him though. Maybe I was a little intimidated by this album he made. And then it hit me. I remember that I have this song called "Snakecharmer" That I would seriously hope a rapper would lay vox on... so I thought, maybe I should use it. So I decided to present him the song, my ideas about the song and thought maybe he can be sold on the idea of making it feel "Hip-Hop."

And from here, Take it away TDJ! Tone Deaf Jeff: Slackerman had asked me to contribute vocals for a beat he had called Snakecharmer that was about a desert road trip of sorts in September last year. Keeping the title of the instrumental beat, I started brainstorming lyrics that rhymed with Snakecharmer and hit upon:

"No safe harbor for a Snakecharmer."

And I was also thinking of wandering in the desert and scavenging and like coming across cactus (peyote) accidentally -

"That must have been some odd water cuz it's got me feeling suspicous, out here in the desert like man....these pink things are delicious."

Though by all accounts peyote buttons are not delicious. Through further brainstorming, we hit upon the idea of a festival like Burning Man taking place, and coming across it inadvertently:

"we meet a couple witches on a journey serendipitous..."

The rest, as they say, is history.

Watch the entire music video here

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I write these kind blog posts just so I can share what I have learned throughout my creative journey. I hope you find them informative, inspiring and useful.


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