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The Making of Snakecharmer

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

The Song, The Rapper, The Cartoon!


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Tone Deaf Jeff Looking in trunk

Back in 2014, my best friend worked at a music store. I would often hang out there on my free time just to goof around. They have this pretty looking bass guitar there and I decided to try it out. But being an amateur bass player, I don't really have an idea of what to play, so I came up with my own nasty sounding bass line...

And so a bassline was made... big deal...

I didn't really think much about it afterward. It was just one of those one-off things that I had fun doing with a friend.

Bonus Video... We quickly moved on from that bassline and decided to play something else instead...

But, out of habit, I would still play that bassline every now and then... So I guess you could say, I never really got over it? A year later, in 2015, I reconnected with a friend (Guidomaria) and we decided to write some songs. We wanted to form a Blues-based Hip-Hop band and call it "Sweet Sonic 6."

One of the songs I presented was this very same bassline. I presented the idea that the song can be a "Psychedelic road trip" song. We took cues from Madonna's "Beautiful Stranger" and Porno for Pyros' "Pets." And so we came up with this...

...and we decided to call it "Snakecharmer." And this was the exact moment it was completed.

Sweet Sonic 6 played a few shows, but nothing much really came after that. I mean we tried, but, yeah, not a lot of stuff happened. Although we did have a lot of fun jam sessions with the song. Whenever I meet up with these guys, we would always play this song. Funny thing about this song is, whenever we presented it to a rapper, they would ask... "This is Hip-Hop?" So it was never played with vocals on it. I was kind of annoyed with the question though. It does not matter whether if it was Hip-Hop or not. The rapper SHOULD make it Hip-Hop! So fast-forward to 2019...

Watch the entire music video here

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